Thanksgiving Pies to You

Easy as Pie!

This Thanksgiving, let’s finally bring truth to the expression for you and your colleagues with in-office pie pickup.

Because let’s face it, whether you’re the host or just “responsible for dessert” getting the pie right--the one to end Thanksgiving dinner on high note--is not easy.

Not only will we roast the pumpkins, juice the ginger, slice the apples, roll the dough and crimp the edges, we will also bring the pie right to you, at work.

We say down with tragic pie tradeoffs, like leaving the office late and ending up with 11th-hour pie.

And we say yay to the best pies ever patiently awaiting you en route to a frustration-free, gratitude-full Thanksgiving break.

How does it work?

STEP ONE: (optional) Pie sampling

Enjoy a sampling of the holiday pies and meet the Pie Lady herself!

STEP TWO: Ordering

We’ll take pre-orders during the sampling. You can also pre-order through our website or by calling us at 510-859-PIES.

STEP THREE: Delivery

Pies will be delivered the week of Thanksgiving on Tue 11/21 or Wed 11/22. 

STEP FOUR: Happy Holidays!

Head home for the holiday with a delicious pie from Pietisserie. You can refer to the Holiday Pie Guide for details on storing, reheating and traveling with your specialty pies.


We're currently offering the following pies for delivery: 
  • Raspberry in Chocolate Crust 32
  • Ginger Lemon 24
  • Mixed Nut 26
  • Pumpkin in Chocolate Crust  26
  • Spiced Apple 28
  • Beet 26


Order your pies!

If you have additional questions you can contact us at or 510-859-PIES.