In-Office Pie Pickup (for employers)

Easy as pie.

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday by far, but we also realize it can be hectic, especially at the office as co-workers crunch assignments en route to the airport, or realize they've got to make one last trip to the grocery store. 

Often, it's the pie that suffers--or rather the people who find themselves eating loveless pie after dinner simply because they didn't plan for it sooner

In-Office Pie Pickup is a pie plan that helps your employees out in three ways:

  1. Reduces the number of external things they need to accomplish. Less Thanksgiving prep = less urgency to leave work.
  2. There's pie upfront! Order or not, they get to taste really good pie at work.
  3. Whether they're hosting or just "responsible for dessert," PieTisserie is a proper conclusion to Thanksgiving dinner because of the love and gratitude we put into baking our pies. These pies help your colleagues make a great impression and convey how much they care. 

Your employees needn't eat dessert first (though we wouldn't fault them) but this is great opportunity for them to order it. 

How does it work?

STEP ONE: Promotion

We'll provide you with flyers and emails to let your employees know about the Thanksgiving pie delivery service.

STEP TWO: (optional) Pie sampling

We’ll provide an onsite sampling of our holiday pies for your employees free of cost before the holidays.

STEP THREE: Ordering

We’ll take pre-orders during the sampling. Employees can also pre-order through our website or by calling us at 510-859-PIES.

STEP FOUR: Delivery

Pies will be delivered the week of Thanksgiving on Tue 11/21 or Wed 11/22. 


We're currently offering the following pies for delivery: 

  • Raspberry in Chocolate Crust 32
  • Ginger Lemon 24
  • Mixed Nut 26
  • Pumpkin in Chocolate Crust  26
  • Spiced Apple 28
  • Beet 26


Fill out the form and we'll get in touch to discuss details. In-Office Pie Pickup Form

If you have additional questions you can contact us at or 510-859-PIES.